Valentines Cocktail

Here’s how to get a wonderful Valentines for once


  • 4 cl Vodka
  • 2 cl Cointreau
  • 4 cl Cranberry Juice
  • 2 cl Freshly squeezed Lime Juice
  • 2 Lovely Raspberries
  • 1 dash of Rose Water
  • Top with Champagne
  • Red roses
  • Dry ice
  • Lots of love
  • Some pure passion
  • You need emotion and energy
  • You need to feel fabulous before. We know you are fabulous so it's just about letting those feelings overwhelm you!
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Cosmopolitan Cocktail Opskrift

Here we share our recommendation for a lovely Valentines cocktail. A beautiful red Cosmopolitan twist with a taste of pure love.

We tell you how to make it and why you need to drink this cocktail on valentine.

Do you know a woman who struggles to find real love? Or a guy who doesn't know what women want?

Then share this cocktail recipe with them and show that you care!

How to make it

  1. Start by finding your bar gear. You need a Cocktail Shaker, Cubed Ice, Martini Glasses, Jigger, Strainer and a Fine Strainer.
  2. Now put on some lovely music. Not any music, please. Go to Spotify and type in "Love Song". Then you should see a playlist saying "Love Songs - 100 hits:..". Press play.
  3. Now you find your Boston glass. Start by putting the raspberries in the glass. Muddle them.
  4. Then pour Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice and Lime juice into the Boston glass.
  5. Add one dash of Rose Water.
  6. Shake it with love. Not too hard but not soft either. Do it with passion and lust. Let your subconscious take over for a while.
  7. Double strain it into your chilled Martini Glasses (yeah you need to drink more than one in order for it to work properly).
  8. Garnish with a red rose or some dry ice. Check the pictures in this article for inspiration!
  9. Serve for yourself and let your feelings and thoughts control you while drinking and afterwards. Live in the moment and take risks.
  10. Go out and find the pure love you have been struggling to find for so long! Be open and take risks. if you don't it will not work. You need to follow your heart. Be a little crazy. Why may you ask? Crazy is the new sane and "why?" is just another excuse. If your mind asks "why" more than once then you haven't been drinking enough of our Lovelyman.  Then make another one and serve yourself. We guarantee better success than all dating apps on the market. The Lovelyman is the lovely man. Cheers!

There is no charge to receive an offer. You are not committed to hire us in any way. We welcome any kind of contact and hope that we could be in service!

Why you should drink The Lovelyman on Valentines?

The Lovelyman should be your Valentines cocktail and here we tell you why. We all want to find pure love. Real love. We are tired of Tinder and we really don't believe we can make it Happen in any other way. This cocktail will make you forget the past, the dating apps and your shyness for a while. It will make you take action where you normally don't do it. The nervous side of your personality will not stand in your way anymore. This cocktail has a willpower bigger than most. It's sweet in taste but doesn't underestimate it. It's full of character and flavour.

The Lovelyman will wake up your unconscious mind and let it control your body, thoughts and behaviour. You need to live life and take some chances in your romances. No matter whether you are a confused guy or a struggling woman then you should have a taste of this lovely elixir. It's not for anyone though. If you believe your love life is under control and you are 100 % confident that happiness is the first word on your lips when someone asks you about how it's going, then this cocktail isn't for you.

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