Best Cocktail Bar Copenhagen

Here is our top five Cocktail Bar Copenhagen!

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Top 5 Cocktail Bar Copenhagen

If you have been looking for a guide on cocktail bars in Copenhagen, then look no further. Here is our guide helping you find the best Cocktail Bars in Copenhagen. Cheers!

Lidkoeb Cocktail Bar

Lidkoeb Cocktail Bar is located on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Lidkoeb is celebrates the speak easy tradition of hidden bars since you have to go through a backyard to find it. 

The cocktail bar is divided into several floors. We recommend that you get a cocktail on each floor and finish off with a lovely whiskey upstairs. 

Lidkoeb is also one of the few cocktail bars in Copenhagen which is open 7 days of the week. This tells you that they really know how to mix handcrafted cocktails and serve them with style!

Cocktail Menu: Their menu is mixed with their own creative inventions and twist on classics such as their Peanut Old Fashioned and their Daiquiri.

Prices: All cocktails are available at 110 kr.

Address: Vesterbrogade 72B 1620 Kbh V

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 16-02 and Sunday-Tuesday 20-02
Curfew Cocktail Bar

Curfew is a speak easy cocktail bar. The venue itself is full of history. In fact, the location was once a place where Copenhagen's gangsters hung out.

Relaxed atmosphere, a great looking space and a jazz tunes playing at the facility. Add cocktails served with great love and then you've got a hit!

Curfew is table service, so you get served your cocktails at the table.

Cocktail Menu: They have their own creative cocktails like Queen Berengaria and classics like Old Fashioned. However, you should try their Old Fashioned if you are for such one. It's served with a large ice ball which is exactly like an Old Fashioned should be served. 

Prices: Cocktails for 130-140 kr.

Address: Stenosgade 1, 1616 Copenhagen

Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday at. 18-02, Friday at. 17-03, Saturday at. 18-03 and Sunday at. 20-01

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Blume Cocktail Bar

If you would like to go out and dance and you also love the taste of craft cocktails then Blume is the place to go. The dark basement and the loud music will get you to feel that nightclub atmosphere. However the bar does not remind you of any nightclub. The bar is setup like a premium cocktail bar and the bartenders as well. 

Blume is also a hidden piece in a backyard in the heart of Copenhagen. At Blume you can dance the night away and enjoy great cocktails. It's not suitable for long and deep conversations but sometimes life is just too short for this.

Cocktail Menu: Blume is one of the best bars in Copenhagen to change their menu. Cocktails must suit the season and that's how Blume operates. You should try our favorites like Cucumber Yum Yum and Blume Espressotini. Incredibly tasty!

Prices: Cocktails for 85-95 kr.

Address: Studiestræde 14, 1455 Copenhagen K

Opening hours: Thursday at. 20-03, Friday at. 16-05 and Saturday at. 20-05.

The Barking Dog Cocktail Bar

The Barking Dog is a really nice and cozy cocktail bar in Nørrebro. Here there is room for everyone and a really good atmosphere.

Nørrebro is known as the more multicultural part of the city. That you feel when entering The Barking Dog. There is a certain international class over the way the bar and bartenders unfold.

Cocktail Menu: Classics like Margarita, Daiquiri and Aviation on the menu. In addition, own delicious creations like Feels Like Berlin, Rye or Die and Tree Hugger.

Prices: Cocktails for 80-90 kr.

Address: Sankt Hans Gade 19, 2200 Copenhagen

Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday at. 18-01, Friday-Saturday at. 18-02, Saturday at. 18-03 and Sunday-Monday at. 18-24.

Brønnum Cocktail Bar

Brønnum is a newer cocktail bar in Copenhagen. However that doesn't mean that they are new in the cocktail game. They won the City's Best 2018 and it is well deserved. It should be said that the owners also own Ruby and Lidkoeb. Experience at it's finest? Oh yes!

The venue that Brønnum has taken over, has been a café for more than 125 years. Back in the days remarkable people like H.C. Andersen (the famous danish author) among others, visited the bar from time to time.

In fact, to celebrate the good old days, you can smoke a Cuban cigar while you sip a cocktail matching the taste of the cigar. Nice!

Cocktail Menu: Own delicious creations like Well Earned Vacation and Mexican Detour. In addition, twists on old acquaintances such as Summer Negroni and Cherry Fizz.

Prices: Cocktails for 125-140 kr.

Address: August Bournonvilles Passage 1, 1055 Copenhagen K

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday at. 15-02, Saturday at. 16-02 and Sunday at. 18-02.

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