5 reasons why Tequila is healthy!

you will become a big fan of Tequila as we are

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Here we share 5 reasons to why you need to drink more Tequila. Starting now.

Why is Tequila healthy?

  1. Tequila help on digestion!

    Take a Tequila shot after your meal and you'll do your stomach a favour. Some even suggest that you should take a Tequila shot before to rise your metabolism. We agree with this and our Bartenders are now drinking a shot of Tequila before breakfast and right after. Cheers!

  2. Tequila is probiotic!

    Tequila will give you probiotics. You are probably thinking 'what's that?'. Probiotics are a healthy bacteria (they exist) that helps our intestines in the daily life. We wouldn't have a healthy body and immune system without these guys. Another great reason for another shot of Tequila. Boom!

  3. Tequila doesn't give you a Hangover!

    This is the absolute best reason and 100% true. No doubt. No matter how much Tequila you drink you'll not feel it the day after. Alright, it's not completely true. However, it's said that good high-quality Tequila (not the bad stuff) will give you less hangover than any other spirit. And that's still worth celebrating with another shot of Tequila!

  4. Tequila will help you sleep better!

    Tequila will calm you down and make your body relax. If you are stressed out and have troubles sleeping this might be exactly what you need. We just don't recommend making tequila the evening ritual. But a Tequila day a week with plenty of sleep is not a bad idea. We are fans! Now we can sleep those 9 hours without any problem.

  5. Tequila is good for your bones!

    Mexican scientist (of course Mexican) found that the agave plant which tequila is made from helps you absorb calcium better. We all know how important calcium is for the bones (the milk industry have been using that fact for ages). Now Tequila will help you absorb that calcium even faster. Nice!
    Furthermore, the Mexican scientist found that the blue agave plant also helps on absorb magnesium which also is good for your bones.
    Don't skip leg day and please never skip Tequila day either!

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More about Tequila

  • Tequila is made from the Agave plant.
  • The spirit is from Mexico and in the are called Jalisco.
  • Classic Cocktails with Tequila you should know: Margarita, Paloma, Tequila Sunrise!
  • Brands we recommend: Sangra de Vida, Calle 23, Don Julio.
  • Brands we don't recommend: Sierra, Sauza.

We are big fans of Tequila and the agave plant. These reasons only made us even bigger fans. We'll continue sipping (read: drink massively) the great spirit.

However please understand we don't recommend drinking Tequila each day. We just recommend that you substitute that glass of wine or beer with a Tequila shot. We all know that wine and beer are unhealthy for you and there are absolutely no good studies showing any different. #TasteTheIroni

Where do all these facts come from?

Follow us to get more knowledge from bartending world. Cheers from us! ..in Tequila of course!

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