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Guide for Bar Equipment

Do you want to mix delicious cocktails at home? Then take a look at the pictures below. We recommend that you always have the right equipment before you get started off mixing your cocktails. Do you want alternatives to the bar equipment? Read below every picture, where we will give you some alternatives for the bar equipment.

Boston Shaker

A Boston Shaker is absolutely essential in term of mixing a lot of the classics within cocktails.

The shaker is used for mixing the ingredients together and get the right consistency and flavour.

There are different types of cocktail shakers. The Boston Shaker is known as the classic one. There is also a Cobbler Shaker and a French Shaker.

What else can you use? A Fitness Shaker can be used as an alternative if you are in a desperate need of mixing cocktails right here and now.


A Jigger or a so-called measuring cup is used to measure the liquor/juice/syrup/mixers with.

It’s important to balance the cocktail properly. It’s very easy to ruin a good cocktail by mixing it by measuring by the eye.

Jiggers is also used on some of the best cocktail bars around the world. If the elite can do it, so can you.

What can you use instead of the Jigger? A deciliter cup or a shot glass can also be used. The most important thing is that you know the amount of the glass, you choose to use.

Citrus Squeezer

A Squeezer is a tool, which is being used to press the juice out of any given fruit.

In many of the classic cocktails, lime – and lemonjuice is used to give the sour and bitter element, which helped to balance a delicious cocktail. This is where the Squeezer is a great tool!

What else can you use? Some sort of different Squeezer than the one on the picture. Alternatively, you can squeeze the juice in your hands.


A Strainer may not be critical for mixing cocktails. You can do it without the Strainer, but it is indispensable in cocktails, where you want to avoid ice flakes or squeezed fruit in your cocktails.

The Strainer is used to make sure you don’t get ice, fruit or something else in your drink. The Strainer is used after you have been shaking your cocktail.

What else can you use? You can settle by using the Boston Shaker. Instead of the Strainer, you will be using a glass as a stopper for the ice. Alternative, you can buy a Cocktail Shaker with a built-in Strainer.


A Muddler is used for the mash and squeeze fruit, berries, vegetables and thereby get juice and flavours out of these ingredients.

A Muddler is best known for being used in the making of a Mojito Cocktail. Here it is used to squeeze lime and dissolve the cane sugar. It can also be used for several other kinds of fruits. Everything from Strawberries and Currants to Cucumbers and Carrots.

What else can you use? A spoon or similar tool is also useful. The most important thing is, that you get the right amount of juice and desired flavour in your cocktails.

Double Strainer

A Double Strainer or a Fine Strainer is a small strainer, which is used to strain everything, you can use in a cocktail if wanted.

The strainer is used to make sure, that you don’t get any ice flakes or fruit pulp in your cocktail.

The Double – or Fine Strainer is used for simple cocktails. Typically for cocktails served in a Martini-glass.

What else can you use? You can use a bigger strainer. As long as you can get rid of the unwanted pulp or juice in your cocktail, everything goes.

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What else is useful?

Chopping Board

Pour Spout



Potato Peeler


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