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These cocktails are the ones, which is most known around the world.
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The Well Known Classic Cocktails

You probably know most of them, but here we will give you some information, that you maybe didn’t know. These cocktails are the ones, which is most known around the world. You are more than welcome to test yourself and see how many off them you do know. Use this information for inspiration for your own upcoming cocktail party!


Where does this cocktail coming from? Havana, Cuba

When is it from? There are a lot of different opinions about the origin of the Mojito. The most common story is that it’s back from 1500, where a pirate called Francis Drake and his crew mixed Aguardiente (Rum inspired liquor) sugar, lime and mint. This they called an “El Draque”.

Fun facts: When the Barcardi company was founded in Cuba back in 1862, the Mojito mix got more popular and known in the public.

The Mojito got serious popular when the author Ernest Hemingway wrote about it. He got the bar La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana famous by writing in the bar “My Mojito in La Bodeguita, my Daiquiri in  El Floridita. La Bodeguita del Medio is now claiming that they are the creators of the Mojito Cocktail.

Gin and Tonic

Where does this cocktail coming from? This cocktail is originally from India. British soldiers mixed Gin. water, sugar, lime and Quinine to avoid getting the Malaria. Quinine is known to prevent and fight Malaria disease.

When is it from? In 1857 India, was taken by Great Britain. Loads of the Brits, therefore, went to India. Malaria Disease quickly got to be a problem. Gin was highly beloved by the Brits. Quinine was the cure to prevent Malaria and therefore this drink got invented.

Fun facts: Quinine was first found in the bark of the Cinchona tree (Found in South America). The tree was known as the “Fever Tree”.

Today Tonic still consists of Quinine, as one of the ingredients. The amount of Quinine is though not the same and the bitterness is also less than before.

White Russian

Where does the cocktail coming from? A Belgian bartender by the name Gustavo Tops was the first one to create and serve a Black Russian on Hotel Metropole in Brussels. If he was the creator of the White Russian is unknown.

When is it from? It comes from its brother, the Black Russian ( Vodka and Coffee liqueur) which first saw the light in 1949. The White Russian was first seen in writing in 1965 in the newspaper Oakland Tribune.

Fun facts: Neither the White Russian or the Black Russian is a Russian invention. They are called Russian because Vodka is the main ingredient in this Cocktails.

Many places White Russian gets served with Whole-milk or half/half ( 50% Whole-milk and 50% Cream) The first recipe of White Russian was made with 100% Cream.

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Where does the cocktail coming from? The Cosmopolitan is originally from New York City.

When is it from? There will always be doubt about many of the classic cocktails in terms of the origin of the cocktail – both creator and when they are from. The Cosmopolitan is no exception. Therefore you will often look at the written evidence. The Cosmopolitan was first written down in 1993. There are, even though, some people that think it’s back from the ’70s. Bartenders as Neal Murray, Cheryl Cook and John Caine all claim to be the creators.

Fun facts: The Cosmopolitan got really popular after Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends ordered it all the time in the hit series: Sex and the City.

The Cosmopolitan is not just a sweet cocktail. It’s made with Cranberry juice, Lime, Lemon Vodka and Triple Sec. Triple Sec and the Cranberry Juice is the sweet ingredients. On some bars, the bartender will mix with some sugar syrup to make the experience sweet and delicious. Our tastebuds love sweet things, so this is a way to accommodate this and to be sure the guests like it. At Get Bartender, we are through a little bit more a fan of the classic and fresh type of the Cosmopolitan. Cheers!

Pina Colada

Where does the cocktail coming from? San Juan, Puerto Rico

When is it from? According to a source the Pina Colada first came to life in 1954 and was shaken by Ramon “Monchito” Marrero at the Hilton Hotel. He served it there in 35 years and in 1978 it became Puerto Rico’s national cocktail. The cocktail is predicted back in the 1800th century, where the pirates drank a version of the cocktail. You mixed it with coconut, pineapple and rum. There was no sugar, lime juice or other additives. Cheers to that!

Fun facts: The name: “Pina Colada” means “Strained Pineapple”. This is a way of telling, that the cocktail is with pure Pineapple and everything else is strained away.

The Cocktail got famous in 1979 when the English pop singer Ruper Holmes released “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”, that became a huge hit.

Sex On The Beach

Hvor er cocktailen fra? Florida i USA.

Hvornår er den fra? Igen er der flere forskellige historier. Den vi bedst kan lide er denne: I 1987 i Florida i USA er en distributør ved navn National Distribution lige begyndt at importere og sælge Fersken likør (Peach Schnapps). De laver derfor en konkurrence, hvor den bar, som sælger mest af deres likør kan vinde 1000 $. En ung bartender ved navn Ted Pizio mixer fersken likør, vodka, appelsin juice og grenadine på baren Confettis. Da han skal navngive den kommer han på “Sex On The Beach”, da der er strandene og sex’en, som turisterne kommer til Florida for.

Fun fact: Da turisterne kommer hjem fra Florida spørger de bartenderne om de kan få en Sex On The Beach. Bartenderne kender naturligvis ikke cocktailen. Dette er med til at skabe de mange forskellige varianter af cocktailen, som ses rundt omkring på forskellige barer.

Sølle 5 % af alle tranebær bliver solgt friske. De resterende 95 % bliver brugt til juice og andre produkter.

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