Cocktail Video Channel

Here you can see our cocktail and bartender videos:

Here is our Cocktail Video channel. You can find Flair, Cocktail and Bartending related videos.

We promise that you are entertained with good vibes and lots of delicious craft cocktails. Take a seat with some popcorn and learn more about classic cocktails and bartender skills.

Premium Gin Tonic

  • This is our version of the well known Gin and Tonic.
  • Lovely premium Gin mixed with outstanding Tonic.
  • Served with whatever twist you like!

Flair Bartender Skills

  • Mathias Daa is our Head of Flair.
  • Here you can watch his set of bartender skills.
  • Our own Tom Cruise and number 32 in the World Championship 2015.

Cocktail Course

  • Here you can see how we do our Cocktail Course.
  • We make these entertaining cocktail courses for Companies, Bachelor Parties and other get togethers. We also do more serious bar courses for Bars and Restaurants.
  • We can make it for 5-200 people and make it so it matches your thoughts!
  • We also do alcoholic free Rocktail courses and Flair Bartending courses!

Dark and Stormy

  • In this cocktail video you can see a version of the Dark and Stormy, which is a classic cocktail from South America.
  • The original Dark and Stormy is made with Gosslings Black Seal rum. They have patent on the name and the cocktail. In this video we use Lambs Rum, which makes it a twist on the original one.
  • Spicy and fresh cocktail which the majority will drink with pleasure.

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