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Cocktail and Bar Service

Our Cocktail Services

We do bartender hire, full mobile cocktail bar and cocktail teambuilding. Do you want delicious cocktails for your event? Then let us help. We run a top professional cocktail and bar service. We are worldwide and we can handle all events. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, birthday party or just a cocktail party, we’re ready! If you have the guest, then we’ll do the rest!

Bartender hire

Why choose this option for your event?

Here you get a professional and entertaining bartender. He or she has a great level of service and awesome Bartender skills. You have to do the shopping yourself. However we’ll help you with the shopping list and help with the ingredients that you can’t find. This is a brilliant package for you if you like to shop and you are a do-it-yourself type of person.

Full Mobile Bar

Why choose this option for your event?

Here you get a full cocktail mobile bar. You get our professional bartenders, liquor, mixers, garnish, cocktail glasses, ice cubes, straws and EVERYTHING that you know from a great cocktail bar. In other words: You don’t have to take care of anything. We have got you covered. Just look forward to an amazing event with delicious cocktails. This solution is perfect for those who are not a fan of shopping and would prefer to get rid of all the hassle.

Cocktail Teambuilding

Why choose this option for your event?

Here you get a fun and entertaining cocktail course where we teach you everything about our passion. We usually bring everything with us that is needed. We’ll bring liquor, mixers, garnishes, ice cubes, cocktail glasses, bar equipment etc. You only need to provide a table that we can use. Our Cocktail Teambuilding can be arranged at your home and we can do it at a bar we collaborate with. We prefer coming to you. However whatever fits your needs. You can expect teambuilding, competitions, knowledge of cocktails and of course delicious cocktails along the way.

Flair Bartender Skills

Why choose this option for your event?

Mathias Daa is our Head of Flair.

Here you can watch his set of bartender skills.

Our own Tom Cruise and number 32 in the World Championship 2015.

Non-Alcoholic Mobile Bar

Why choose this option for your event?

Here you’ll get everything as in our mobile cocktail bar above. However, you don’t get any spirits as this package is non-alcoholic. It is perfectly suited to a youngster party, where the kids are going to the bar or a corporate event on a weekday. We usually have bring everything with us. We can make all cocktails in a non alcoholic way. Mojitos, Dark and Stormy or Espresso Martini. We can do them all. Your only task is to tell us which cocktails you want. And if you don’t even want that task? Then we can help you with that. We provide the same entertaining cocktail experience without spirits. If you are on it, let’s create a party!

Full event package

Why choose this option for your event?

If you have the guest, we will get the rest

Management team

DJ's, beautiful venues, waiters, hostesses, chefs, ...

Qualified and experienced  professionals

Do you know anyone who is planning an event? Let us know and connect us with the person and we’ll give you both a giftcard of 50 GBP!

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