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Here we give you all info you need to know about the great tasting spirit Rum. We introduce you to the history of the spirit, we give you some fun facts and of course, we tell you which cocktails you should make with it.

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Bottles we recommend to use in flavoured Cocktails (Mojito etc.) or with a mixer: 

Ron Mulata, Havana Club, Diplomatico Anejo, Abuelo Anejo etc.

Bottles we recommend having a classic Daiquiri: 

Ron Millonario, Eldorado 12, Abuelo 7 years, Diplomatico Exclusiva

Bottles we recommend having neat:

Ron Millonario XO, Eldorado 15 years, Diplomatico Exclusiva, Abuelo 12 years

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Everything you wanted to know about the Rum

When was it invented? 

The well-known tasting spirit was first produced in 1600's. Why the name of the spirit is Rum is not known. One story goes that it was given after the Latin word for sugar which is "saccharum". Another story goes that it was given after the Dutch sailors' great glasses called "Rummers". Exactly as many other spirits the history is full of rumours and stories.

The legendary Italian explorer Christopher Columbus is also known for having played a big part in the history. He went on his second trip to "The New World" (Caribbean) in 1493. He brought the sugar cane plant with him. In the Caribbean, the sugar cane was not a naturally grown plant. However, it grew well in the exotic area. The settlers found out that you could produce alcohol from it. That started the production of the spirit we know today.


Where is it from? 

Rum is mainly produced in the Caribbean. It's here it's born and raised. Plantation slaves discovered that you could ferment molasses into alcohol. Molasses is known as a waste product in sugar production. It's important to understand that's why Rum really became huge. It was produced from a waste product. Exactly like we recycle so much nowadays then this made it very attractable for sugar farms. They already had the molasses. All they needed was a pot still. It is important to understand that the smooth and nice looking spirits we know today are far from the first batches of the spirit. You wouldn't see any caramel looking and sweet tasting Rums. You drank it anyway.


What is the base ingredient? 

Molasses is the base ingredient. Molasses is a waste product in sugar production. You would harvest the sugar cane and press the juice out.


Which Cocktails are made with this spirit? 

You probably know all the classics such as Mojito, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Cuba Libre, Dark and Stormy etc.

If you want to try some more cocktails made with this spirit we can recommend a twist on an Old Fashioned or a Sour. We can also recommend other not as known classics such as Zombie, Planters Punch, Hurricane etc.


How to use it in Cocktails?

Exactly as it is with Vodka, Gin and other spirits it all comes down to the quality of your product. The better quality the fewer mixers. Rums are lovely. Especially the aged ones. Don't use premium rums in sweet tasting cocktails or together with coke. That's at least our view.

We recommend mixing a good quality Rum in a Daiquiri, a Sour or in an Old Fashioned twist. Your Mojito, Pina Colada or Mai Tai will taste great with standard rums. If they don't then it's not the quality of the spirit that's the problem but how you make it.


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Fun facts about Rum

  1. The name of the spirit depends on the place of the origin. Spain speaking countries will call Ron. French speaking countries will use the term Rhum. English speaking will use the term we know.
  2. It's important to know about the ageing in Rum. A Ron Añejo indicates that Rum has been aged. There is not a rule saying a specific amount of years. Or that every drop of it has to be aged for the same amount of time. That means that you can sip on a 15 year old bottle knowing that it's only a certain part of the drops that are aged that long. A big amount of the bottle will be aged less. Remember that next time you sip your choice of the amazing spirit.
  3. Pirates and sailors would easily drink a pint of Rum each day. This was to feel relaxed, better and warmer. Not to forget that it was known as a medicine as well. It was also cleaner and with less bacterias than water.

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