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The Best Online Cocktail Experience
Why should you try our Online Cocktail Masterclass?

  • Our Online Cocktail Masterclass is super fun. We make sure you guys have a great evening together without being physically together. Virtual entertainment across cities/countries /borders. We create a top notch experience where you get to learn how to make delicious cocktails, have fun with your colleagues and everything from your very own kitchen.

    We can tailor it 100% to you. It could be a cocktail course in gin cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, milkshakes or mixed juices.

    We guarantee a festive event while you are home safe in the kitchen. It does not get any easier. There is no long drive home after the event.

    You can bring your girlfriend or a couple of friends without anyone even notices it. You get to have fun with your colleagues and at the same time you enjoy hanging out with your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend.

    The size of your group doesn't matter. You can be 5-1000 people in total. Our online cocktail masterclass has no limit. The internet has space for everyone.

    References: E&Y, Roundtable, DR etc.

"Rasmus and Getbartender delivered a very educational course and a really entertaining music quiz. Everything went well despite the somewhat difficult circumstances online."

Mads, E&Y

Do you wanna know more?

We'll be in touch and send you a great free quote. We can't wait to help you!

How does our Cocktail Course work?

  1. We recommend that we gather you in a Facebook group. If you already have one for your team, then we'll just use that one. It could also be a mailing list if everyone don't have Facebook.

  2. We then make a shoppinglist in advance. Your colleagues will purchase everything on the list. Are you missing something? Then you can buy it all through us at Here you get a unique discount code that can be used. You can find EVERYTHING in there.

  3. If you want a specific theme for the masterclass then just let us know before we make the shopping list. Ideas could be: Cocktails with gin like Gin Fizz, Cucumber Collins and Bramble. 80s drinks like White Russian, Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea. Popular cocktails like Dark N' Stormy, Mojito and Passion Martini or non-alcoholic drinks, milkshake theme or blended juices as a theme. The possibilities are many.

  4. The cocktail masterclass itself runs through Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Zoom. We got the best experience with Facebook Live or Instagram Live. It will not be public but only for you guys. Zoom can also work but then everyone can see each other and it is not always that everyone in your office is ready to show off their home.

  5. Can you ask questions along the way? Of course. You can do that through the comment section. You are also more than welcome to send pics/videoes our way. 

  6. What if you are missing something for a cocktail or some equipment on the evening itself? Then we are super skilled at finding brilliant alternatives. For example, if you do not have a Cocktail Shaker then you can use a Fitness Shaker or a jam jar.

  7. We'll not only make a great cocktail course for you guys. We will also make a music quiz. That way you are highly entertained when sipping on your lovely cocktails. 

  8. After the cocktail masterclass we'll announce a winner of both the music quiz and the course. And of course there is a prize for the winners!

Other great reasons why you should try our Cocktail Masterclass:

You'll get a festive break in a not so festive era. We tend to believe that it will spike you and all your colleagues motivation. 

You'll get a great introduction to making delicious drinks at home. In other words: You'll be a hit at all future parties.

You can use all your leftovers from previous parties. We all got those spirits at home that we never use. Here's the opportunity to finally get them used!

Online Cocktail Kursus
Do you know anyone who is planning an event? Let us know and connect us with the person and we’ll give you both a giftcard of 50 GBP!

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