Old Fashioned Recipe


  • 6 cl bourbon whisky  (Use great quality of bourbon)
  • 1 sugar cube or 1 bar spoon of cane sugar
  • 2-3 dashes of Angostura Bitter
  • 1 dash of Orange Bitter
  • 3 orange peels
  • Mixer glass
  • Strainer
  • Jigger
  • Ice cubes and an ice ball
  • Bar spoon
  • A glass to serve in

Do you like Old Fashioned? Or just Bourbon? Then we are happy to give you our Old Fashioned recipe.

Old Fashioned was born back in the late 18th century. Some rumors goes that it was first created with rye whisky. It was just more popular back then. However the classic we know today is with Bourbon.

Where is it from? The bourbon based Old Fashioned is from Louisville in Kentucky in the US.

Here is our Old Fashioned recipe. It should be fairly easy so you can make it at home!

Do you know anyone who loves Bourbon?

Then share this recipe with them so they can sip on this craft cocktail!

How to make it

  1. Make sure you got everything above. If you don't then you might end up with a pretty bad result. Or better. But most likely not.
  2. Start by putting the sugar cube or bar spoon of cane sugar into your mixer glass. Smash the sugar cube with your bar spoon.
  3. Add the angostura and orange bitter.
  4. Press 2 orange zests and put them down into your mixer glass.
  5. Mix the sugar, the bitters and the orange peels together. Use your bar spoon and stir it around.
  6. Add some ice cubes to your mixer glass.
  7. Pour half of the bourbon.
  8. Now stir the cocktail around.
  9. Add more ice cubes and pour the rest of the bourbon down into your glass.
  10. Stir it again.
  11. Taste the cocktail while stirring. Is it perfect? Stop. Is it too watery? Add more bourbon. Is the taste of alcohol too strong? Keep stirring.
  12. When you think it's perfect then strain the cocktail into your rocks glass.
  13. Next add your ice ball then add it to the rocks glass.
  14. Peel a long orange peel. Cut it and fold it like we do in the video below.
  15. Garnish with the orange zest.
  16. Serve it for your great guests!
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Bartenders advices on how to twist the cocktail

There is multiple ways to twist this classic craft cocktail.

The easiest is to use different Bourbons and find your favourite in between. However that's not really a twist.

A lovely twist is to add great dark rum instead of bourbon. It's really nice.

Another twist could be to add scotch or rye whisky instead of the bourbon.

Nowadays you can twist it in many ways. Try it with tequila, gin, cachaca, snaps etc. etc. Just make sure that the chosen spirit is high quality. Cheers!

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