My career advice and why I became a bartender

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Why we became a Bartenders?

I watched this youtube video "What If Money Was No Object" by Alan Watts.

If you haven't watched it already. Please go ahead and watch it. It's a great inspiration.

I asked myself what I would do with my life if money was no object in the world. The answer was bartending, own my own business and being an actor. I'm already a bartender and I own my own business. Of course life could be better but in general, I'm a very happy man. My advice to you is to ask yourself exactly that question.


What would you do if money was no object in your life?

When you have answered the question then go out and do whatever that is. "Just Do It" as Nike would say. It's doesn't have to be a big decision. All you need is a "Can Do"-mentality and small steps along the way to your big goal.

This picture tells you what to do:


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