Mobile Bar Hire

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What are you going to get?

  • We will bring everything needed for the Mobile bar. You avoid the hassle of shopping etc.
  • Free bar i delicious freshly made cocktails
  • Liquor of the best quality. We are not carry any cheap products
  • We will design a package, that is tailormade for your event
  • Your guests is guaranteed a good experience
  • Skilled bartenders, who will create good atmosphere behind the bar
  • Cocktails consisting of high quality mixed combined with love for mixing great cocktails
  • Service on a high level
  • Smiles, good humor and great spirit through the whole process of your event

Mobile Bar Packages: 

We will bring a full cocktailbar-package for your event. We set the bar up to suit the evening’s theme. All you need to make sure is that your guests are thirsty and that everybody have a glass to drink from.

Den bedste festunderholdning - Alt til fest
  • Do you want a crazy event with festive entertainment in the absolute best VIP style? Then our All in VIP package is the right choice for you. This package consists of high quality liquor in the bar such as Ron Zacapa Rum, Monkey 47 Gin and Belvedere Vodka. In addition to this, you will also get high quality bartenders, within cocktails, flair or just great service. There are also catered for a red carpet, dry ice or sparklers.

Price Range: GBP 49-59. pr. person. 

Komplet Cocktail Bar
  • Do you want to have a event, where everything is taking care of plus more? Book our Golden Cocktail Bar Package. We might not go all in, but we will the thing in between. Off course there will be taken care off everything for the bar. Additionally you can expect some festive gear from the All In Package as well. For an example a red carpet and a variety of some quality products. The Golden Cocktail Bar Package is a luxury package for those, who dosen’t have a budget to go All In, but still wants a event in the higher class.

Price Range: GBP 39-49. pr. person

Underholdning til Julefrokost - Lej en Bartender
  • Do you want to get rid of the hassle of shopping liquor, soda’s, juice, fresh fruit and everything else you need to make delicious drinks? Then this package is the one for you! The Budget Package is the package for you who have a certain budget. The cocktail bar is off course complete and everything will be taken care off. You avoid all the hassle of shopping, which we will take care off. There will also be some competent bartenders present, who will provide delicious cocktails for you and your guests.

Price Range: GBP 39. pr. person.

How our Mobile Bar works?

  • Everything is high quality liquor. There is a range of special products, which is used in high class cocktails, which you can’t get your hands on as a private person. We can get these types of alcohol as; Plantation Rum, Patron XO Tequila and special liqueurs.
  • Special Designed Cocktail Menu. We design a special cocktail menu with a range of 5-10 cocktails, which is suitable for your event and at the same time match the season. For example, we design both cocktails with Christmas Beer and snaps, when we approach the Christmas holidays.
  • Signature Cocktail. We will gladly mix a cocktail specially aimed at you and your guests. Your thoughts, ideas and tastebuds will be in the center of this.
  • All mixers, soda’s and juices to mix with. It’s all about creating cocktails, which is well-balanced. They can not be tucked away in sugar, but at the same time, they must also be able to drink. If you order a complete cocktail bar, we will make sure to bring all the main mixers you need. In addition, we will bring a few special products as Ginger Beer and Grapefruit Soda’s as well.
  • All bar equipment. We will bring shakers, bar spoons, knifes, boards and other various tools. When the tools is in order, the product will be better as well.
  • Loads of ice. Ice is one of the most important ingredients, when to make good drinks. We will bring both crushed – and normal ice-cubes. While this may be a problem to transport, we believe that a proper cocktailbar needs ice. Sometime we also bring dry ice with us to events. Dry ice is not a must, but it helps to create a certain atmosphere.
  • Loads of fresh fruit. It is essential for the flavour of a cocktail and the presentation of it to have some fruit. The fruits varies from pineapple and passion fruits to cucumbers, beets and fresh spinach.
  • Freshly squeezed fruit and homemade sirups. It takes a lot of time and preparation, but we gladly involves ourselves in this proces. Just call us geeks, but we believe, that with this approach we can create cocktails, which is just a tad better and different than what else you see.
  • Surprises. We always bring a couple of surprises with us, which is part of making the experience and event just a little bit more special. For example: Dry ice, Cocktails with fresh spinach, unique liquor or a drink, which contains of fire.

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