How to make a Negroni cocktail

for every gin lovers


  • 2,5 cl gin (We recommend Bulldog, Gin Mare, Geranium.)
  • 2,5 cl sweet vermouth (We recommend Antica Formula)
  • 2,5 cl Campari
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitter
  • 1 dash Orange Bitter
  • Measuring tool (jiggers)
  • Ice cubes
  • A bar spoon
  • A glass to serve in
  • An orange
How to make NEGRONI cocktail recipe
How to make NEGRONI drink opskrift
Sådan laver man Negroni cocktail til mænd
Hvordan man laver Negroni Cocktail Opskrift
How to make NEGRONI - Negroni cocktail recipe - Negroni Drink recipe - Negroni Recipe - Negroni opskrift - Negroni cocktail opskrift - Hvordan laver man negroni

How to make a Negroni cocktail? Here we share the classic cocktail recipe.

It's one of the old classics and a drink that all bartenders would recommend. It's a bit bitter and a little strong on booze, but if balanced correctly then it tastes terrific. If you fancy gin then we recommend that you try Negroni as soon as possible. You'll love it!

Negroni is yet not that well known around the world, which is a shame since you can order it at almost every good cocktail bar and it's relatively simple to make as well.

Use this Negroni drink recipe and we guarantee that you forget all about Gin Tonics and Old Fashions for a while.

Cheers in advance!

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How to make it

  1. Find all the ingredients above, so you're ready to mix your Negroni cocktail.
  2. Pour gin, sweet vermouth and Campari into your glass.
  3. Now fill your glass with ice cubes.
  4. Now peel some orange zest. Press these into your glass and put them down in. They give the cocktail flavour and aroma.
  5. Add 1 dash Angostura bitter and 1 dash orange bitter. Both are taste enhancers and help to spice up the cocktail. Not alfa omega, but the icing on the cake, which makes it taste fabulous.
  6. Now you churn your cocktail. This is done with a spoon. The goal is to cool of your cocktail while diluting it a bit. However, you don't want to touch it too much. Too much churning will make it watery. We recommend tasting it along the way (watch the video if you're in doubt).
  7. When you are satisfied with the taste of your Negroni, fill the glass with ice. That way it stays good for as long as possible.
  8. Garnish with another orange zest
  9. Serve for your guest and scream CHEERS!

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Cocktail tips from us

In this cocktail, you should use a good quality gin. We recommend a good gin for the price. Geranium, Bulldog and Tanqueray are all in that category.

Try twist your Negroni with other spirits than gin. We recommend a great tequila instead, a bourbon or a smoked mezcal. All should work just fine.

Another cool alternative is a White Negroni. Here you'll use Lillet as a substitute for Campari. Lillet is an aperitif based on wine. It's called aromatized wine. That means a wine where you add spices, fruit and more. You also substitute sweet vermouth with the French liqueur Suze made of gentian root, which grows in France.

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