Flair Bartender for Hire

Want a free offer on a Flair Bartender?

What’s the fuss about?

  • Entertaining Show! We have got top Flair Bartender for hire. Take your party a level up with a entertaining show from a Tom Cruise a like Bartender.
  • The best for your guests! Planning a Event is all about the experience. You want to entertain your guests and give them a experience throughout the night. A Flair Bartender is a great way of achieving that. Outstanding performance and cocktails along the way. What’s not to like?
  • Worldclass! We are 100 % confident that we have some of the worlds best Flair Bartenders in our database. Lulu Flavius, Oliver Deak, Marthias Daa and Michael Dahlstrøm just to share a few names.  A Flair bartender is a bartender who master throwing bottles while making cocktails. They always manage to create a show and a party atmosphere as soon as they are behind the bar.

Your guests deserves the best!

Why get a Flair Bartender for Hire?

  • An Unforgettable Experience: Our Flair Bartenders are some of the best. Oliver Deak, Mathias Daa and Lupo Flavius is some of the best Flair bartenders in the world. They are competing at world championships etc.  They know exactly, what it takes to give you and your guests a unique experience.
  • Party Entertainment: A Flair Bartender is not just a bartender. They can swing bottles and kick it behind the bar. Their show and work will make the party mood go up one or two levels.
  • An Extra Touch to Rise the Atmosphere: Your guests will be entertained in the best way possible. It will be a worldclass show.
  • Amazing Cocktails on top of the show: Besides a great show, you will off course get cocktails as well. It is not just the entertainment, but the whole package with high quality cocktails as well. This is the best kind of entertainment you can get for your party.

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