Hire Cocktail Bartender

What can we Guarantee?

  • Entertainment
  • Great atmosphere among your guests
  • High quality cocktails
  • We help with the shopping
  • Unique experience
  • Professionel Bartender
  • Great service all around
  • Cocktails from your wishes
  • Support before, under and after your event

What makes us the best?

  • Entertainment

Our cocktailbartenders knows everything about creating the best party. You will experience entertainment from the bar as one the focuspoints. Its all about creating the best party for you and your guests. This will be our main focus throughout your party.


  • Great Atmosphere

We make cocktails with a smile and it will always show. Our bartender hiring is filled with good humor and atmosphere. A cocktail taste so much better, when the experience around it is as good as the cocktail itself.

  • Delicious Cocktails

A chef knows how to make a tasting 3 course meal. At getbartender.com, we know how to make delicious cocktails. Our cocktailbartenders are the modern chefs. They can mix delicious cocktails with yours leftovers from your bar cabinet. Both Nordic vegetables and all sorts of southern fruits can be used to create both sour, sweet, bitter and bountiful cocktails.

  • Help with the Shopping

Once we have agreed on a cocktailmenu, we will send you a simple shoppinglist, that you can shop after. If there is anything you can’t get, we will help you getting them. We cooperate and have agreements with several bars and other suppliers, which enables us to provide such as ice cubes and drinks for a good price.

  • Unique Experience

Do you wish to throw a great party and give your guests an experience? Then our bartender hiring is the best solution!  We help you to give your guests a different and festive evening that they will remember. An exceptional cocktailbar will take your party to the next level!


  • Professionel Cocktail Bartender

Get Bartender is a company, which is founded by professional bartenders. You can hire a professional cocktail bartender through us. We will make the best tasty cocktails throughout the night. Everybody is serviceminded and aware of giving you the best party. If you have the budget to do so, however, we would definitely recommend you to rent one of the best cocktail bartenders through us. You get an outstanding experience with professional service from start to the end.

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