Hire a Bartender

Why hire a bartender from us?

  • Professional Bartenders with great experience in the industry
  • 20+ Cocktail Bartendere in London
  • Covering Denmark and London today, aiming globally tomorrow.
  • We can make ALL the cocktails you can think about. (From Old Fashioned, Last Word and Sazerac to Frozen Daiquiris, Pornstart Martini’s and Cosmo’s)
  • We smile, charm and spread a good vibe at your event!
  • Female and male bartenders
  • We can do all type of events. Weddings, Bachelor parties, Company events, Birthdays, private parties, christmas parties, youngsters, cocktail parties, Fridaybars, Funerals or whatever you have in mind. We know how to behave no matter the occasion.
  • We have brilliant references such as: Airbnb, Lloyds Bank, Bestseller, The Queen of Denmark etc.

What we do?

Special Designed Cocktail Menu:

  • We design a Cocktail Menu together with you. The menu will match your needs 100 %. You decide whatever cocktails you want on the menu. We will of course inspire you and make sure that you take the right choices. We will advice you to pick between 5-10 cocktails. We will always put Bartenders Choice on the menu so our bartenders can create other cocktails than those from the menu. We will also put Rocktails on the menu. Rocktails is our own alcoholic free Cocktails served with Rock N’ Roll.

Shopping List:

  • When you have chosen the Cocktails you want for you party then we’ll make a specific shopping list for you. You don’t have to go through it slavishly. However we highly recommend that you purchase everything from the list. If there is something you can’t find or it seems way too expensive for you then let us know. We will perhaps be able to get it for you in a cheap way. We have good connections in the industry and a huge network. We know how to get ice on a budget etc.

Signature Cocktails:

  • We would love to mix something special for you. We are creative and ready to make your event stand out. We can either come up with a cocktail just for your event or name the whole menu matching your theme. Your thoughts, ideas and taste is taken into account. Cheers in advance!

All bar equipment: 

  • We will of course bring all equipment needed for making the cocktails you have been chosen. Boston Shakers, bar spoons, knifes, cutboard, pour spouts, jiggers, strainers, double strainers, blenders etc. The right equipment will make the cocktails easier to make and the taste will improve as well. We can also bring a mobile bar or cocktails glasses. However that is not included and is seen as an add on.

Quality Cocktail Bartenders:

  • We only have bartenders with great experience and an professional attitude. Hire a bartender through us and we guarentee that we will show up and deliver as promised. We have outstanding flair bartenders, great mixologists and smiling bartenders in our database.  We believe that you can taste the difference in our craft cocktails. No matter the event we will always do our best to make sure you and your guests have a great time.

The good vibe:

  • When we mix our cocktails we do it with passion. We love our job and that you’ll see. Smiling is free and a good vibe is essential. We think that our smile and passion will improve the taste of our cocktails even more. Craft cocktails with a smile is our brand. Book us and make sure that we will spread the good vibe all around at your event.

How does it work?

  • We will come to your event and mix cocktails and drinks for you and your guests.
  • We send you a shopping list beforehand so you have everything needed for the cocktail bar.
  • You purchase everything on the list and we will mix with whatever you have bought.
  • We will of course help you setup the bar and make sure that everything looks like nice.

You want am offer on our Cocktail Bartender hire?

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