Event Package for your Event:

We’re not just a average staff. We will bring the entertainment of the highest class for your party. We will bring a good atmosphere, confidence and charm and together we will make sure you get the event you dream of. We can offer the right event package, that will suit your party.

Entertainment, we can offer you:

Other Services for Your Event: 

  • Hire a Hostess/Host
Serveringspiger til fest - Værtinde
  • Hire a Professionel Photographer
Professionel Fotograf til fest
  • Hire a Bar-back
Lej en Opvasker - Hjælp til fest - Personale til fest
  • Hire a Waitress
Serveringspige til fest - Underholdning til fest - Tjener til fest

The Best Event Entertainment

We can design a unique package for your event. We see ourselves as specialists in serving entertainment for events. If you decide to choose us, you will not only get the staff, but you will have a experience and a event that you can not compare to previous events.

We live and will do anything to fulfil our slogan “Entertain Your Guest – We are the Best”. 

What do you Get out of a Package Deal?

  • A better Price. If you combine our products, we will be able to offer you a good package deal for your event.
  • A festive team, who understands to cooperate. If you are hiring both waiters and bartenders at Getbartender.uk, we will be able to make it easier for you and we know the best team for your event. This will help to take your event to a higher level as well.
  • A event, where you will be able to relax. We will take care of all the pratical in terms of what you want for your event. You can have a focus of what you prefer, the whole event through.

Get the package deal, by sending us a email:
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