Cosmopolitan recipe


  • 3 cl Vodka
  • 2 cl Triple Sec
  • 2 cl lime juice
  • 4 cl Cranberry juice
  • Jigger
  • Ice cubes
  • Mexican Elbow (A squeezer)
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Cocktail Strainers
  • A cocktail glass

Do you want the best recipe for a classic Cosmo? Then here is our Cosmopolitan recipe!

Cosmopolitan got very popular through Sex and the City in the 90s, where Sarah Jessica Parker drinks it a lot. This beautiful feminine version of a martini is actually incredibly easy to make.

Here you get our cocktail recipe so you can make it at home. You are not gonna use more than 4 ingredients. Beyond simple. Cheers for that!

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Then share this recipe with them so they can make their own cosmos!

How to make it

  1. We recommend that you have all of the ingredients mentioned above. You'll not get the same great Cosmo if you forget ice cubes or cranberry juice etc.
  2. Start by pouring vodka, cranberry juice and triple sec into your cocktail shaker.
  3. Now find your Mexican Elbow (squeezer) and squeeze 2 cl of lime juice into your cocktail shaker.
  4. Then fill the cocktail shaker with plenty of ice cubes. Fill it well as you want a cold cosmo, but not a watered one.
  5. Close your cocktail shaker so it is proper closed. So, you're not spilling when you shake it.
  6. Now shake your cocktail shaker like Tom Cruise does in Cocktail.
  7. Open the cocktail shaker by tapping the tin (the metal part).
  8. Now strain your cocktail into the chilled glassware using your strainers.
  9. Garnish with an orange peel or lime the edge.
  10. Serve and toast with your happy guests!
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Cocktail tips from us

We recommend that you try to twist your cosmopolitan in different ways.

Try adding a fruit that you muddle right in the beginning. It could be red currants, strawberries or raspberries that you muddle. You then add the remaining ingredients afterwards. Maybe some syrup too, as red currants etc. are to the sour side.

You can also try to top your cosmo with sparkling wine (cava, prosecco or champagne). Or top with ginger ale or ginger beer for a spicy twist.

Another possibility is to be extra creative and combine the different twists. Both the fruity twist and the sparkling wine. We tend to believe that will be really delicious! Cheers in advance!

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