Cocktails and Fragrances

Cocktails inspired by fragrances


Cocktails and fragrances

It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday, do you know what you’re ordering at the bar? Chances are you’ve got your go-to sip of choice on lock — Margarita on the rocks, hold the salt please, maybe Negroni if you're up for a challenge? But rewind the clock a few hours to when you were just about the leave the house. Do you know what fragrance you’re spritzing? and Crime Passionnel has come to a quick collaboration project where we made cocktails reflecting perfume!

For many of us, the latter can much more of a challenge. But just as it takes some experimenting to find your favourite perfume, finding your signature cocktail can take some trial and error too. As your favourite perfume drives by how you feel and what you stand for, cocktails represent your tastes and preferences. To help you zone in on the cocktail that’s right for you, we’ve made a handy guide to finding your cocktail based on your fragrance of choice.


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