Cocktails for party

There is a reason why they are this trendy.
The modern classic cocktails for party and facts about them

Craft Cocktails for Party

Feel free to use the menu for inspiration for your own cocktail party! We highly recommend adding at least one of these cocktails to your menu. There is a reason why they are trendy. Cheers!

Dark & Stormy

Where is the cocktail from?
Hamilton, Bermuda

When is it?
There has been a lot of competition regarding the rights of Dark N’ Stormy. The Gosling Brothers distillery claims right to the name “Dark N’ Stormy and the original recipe. Those rights demanding that you need to use Goslings Black Seal Dark Rum as the rum in your Dark N’ Stormy. They started producing back in 1860 and since then they have had these rights. The spicy cocktail has developed in a lot of different varieties. Nowadays it's made with all kinds of dark rum and different Ginger Beers. However, the original one is still the one made with Goslings Black Seal.

Fun facts
Gosling Brothers Ltd. was started in 1806 by the Gosling brothers. They started with £ 10,000 in cash and sailed from England. They dreamed of creating a trading empire in the New World (America). They stopped in Bermuda after crossing the Atlantic. Here they decided to stay and try their luck in St George’s seaport. The rest is history and they invented the famous and awarded Black Seal Rum.

Gosling Brothers Ltd. still has patented the name Dark N ‘Stormy officially.


Where is the cocktail from? London, England

When is was Bramble invented? 1984. Invented and created by the legendary London bartender Dick Bradsell who also is the father of the great Espresso Martini. This cocktail is named after the British word for a blackberry bush and it is also this berry that characterize the fresh spring cocktail.

Fun facts: The blackberry bush grows wild throughout England and is actually considered a weed.

The Bramble cocktail has since it’s the invention, spread across the globe for its freshness and fruity flavours. Gin based cocktails are often difficult to balance, but this cocktail is nice and easy to mix. It’s far easier to balance than similar gin cocktails like “The Gin Fizz”.


Where is the cocktail from? Sao Paulo in Brazil. It is their national drink.

When was the cocktail Caipirinha invented? Once again, there is much doubt about its true origin. According to one of the legends was the first mix in 1918. It contained, however, Cachaca, lime, a variant of onion and honey. It was created to fight the Spanish Flu. One day a bartender chose to mix it without onions and honey, but instead a few teaspoons cane sugar and ice. Of course, that tasted a lot better. That way it became the lovely Caipirinha we know today.

Fun facts: Caipirinha is made with Brazilian rum Cachaca. It differs from Rum and has its own characteristic flavour. Traditional rum is produced from waste product molasses. Cachaca is not produced from Molasses but from sugar cane juice. That gives Cachaca a sweeter taste. Another difference is, of course, the difference of the climate which affects the sugar production

The names Caipirinha comes from “Caipira” which is a term for Portuguese dialect spoken by incarnated Brazilians in Sao Paulo. You are a “Caipira” if you don’t fancy the big city life, but prefers life in the wild.

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Moscow Mule

Where is the cocktail from? It was first mixed at the Chatham Hotel in Manhattan in the United States. Liquor and food wholesaler John G. Martin, Ginger Beer producer Jack Morgan and Pierre Smirnoff president Rudolph Kunett were gathered at the bar. They discussed what it would taste if you mixed a double shot of vodka with Ginger Beer and a little citrus. They made an attempt and five days later was the drink named “The Moscow Mule.”

When was Moscow Mule invented? The great Moscow Mule is from 1941 and was first mixed at Chatham Hotel in Manhatten, New York.

Fun facts: Moscow Mule is most often served in a copper mug. This is due to John G. Martin, who travelled around the bars and sold Smirnoff Vodka. He had a copper mug with him and he asked the bartenders to serve Moscow Mule in the copper mug. He then took two pictures of them and the cocktail. One image he kept for himself. The other one stayed in the bar to present guests with “The Moscow Mule.”

The name “Moscow Mule” was given to the cocktail because Americans always think about Russia when they get bestowed vodka. Many also believe that the cocktail was from there, so it was named Moscow. “Mule” in the name is given because the ginger from the Ginger Beer gives you a kick like a kick from a living Mule.

Espresso Martini

Where is the cocktail from? It is from the United Kingdom and London.

When was Espresso Martini invented? Espresso Martini is one of the newer classic cocktails. It was first mixed in 1983 by the cocktail master and true legend Dick Bradsell at the bar The Brasserie in the Soho district of London. He is also the father of the Bramble. One of the stories goes that a young beautiful female model came into the bar. She asked Dick Bradsell if he could mix “Something that can wake me up, and then fuck me up.”. Then he mixed Vodka, Coffee liquor and Espresso.

Fun facts: After inventing the Espresso Martini Dick Bradsell has revealed one of his secrets to the creation. Apparently, his bar station was right next to the coffee machine. Therefore it made perfect sense to use it for mixing. Vodka was also a very popular spirit at this time.

Espresso Martini has changed its name along the way. Dick started to call the drink Vodka Espresso. Then he named it the Espresso Martini. Later in 1998, when he worked at the Pharmacy Bar in Notting Hill he named it the “The Pharmaceutical Stimulant”.

Whisky Sour

Where is the cocktail from? A recognized and famous university announced in 1962 Elliott Stubb as the creator and father of the Whisky Sour, which we know today. According to the university, he mixed it back in 1872.

When was the well known Whisky Sour invented? It was first presented at the cocktail father Jerry Thomas popular book “How to Mix Drinks” in 1862. However many claims that it is even older. There is no doubt that Whisky Sour has been the creator of many new Sours.

Fun facts: Many bartenders tend to believe that there need to be egg whites in a classic Whisky Sour. However, this is not correct since the classic Whisky Sour actually just consists of Bourbon, Syrup and Lemon Juice. Add one egg white to the cocktail and then it’s actually called a Boston Sour.

In many bars, Whisky Sour is decorated with lemon peel or lemon wheel as a garnish. The classic garnish though is a maraschino cherry and a orange slice.

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