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Here you can see a overview of our custom-made cocktail menu:

This is how our cocktail menu looks like:

What is it we do?

When we are serving high quality cocktails for parties, we always custom-made a cocktail menu for you. This is however our standard cocktailmenu below. It’s up to you, what you prefer of cocktails and we will let you choose just what you want us to mix for your party. We love a good challenge, so it’s completely up to you to decide.

However, we have a lot of menus for you to use for inspiration, so it’s easier for you to choose, what you would like to serve your guests. Below here you can check out our cocktail menu with pictures of all our delicious cocktails. Do you prefer a different selection? Please contact us and we will find a solution, that will suit you.

Cocktail Menu Get Bartender:

Cocktail Menu for Bestseller:

Cocktailmenu for Christmas Party:

High Quality Cocktails for your Party:

Even though we have a standard cocktail menu, we are very open to custom-made a menu, that suits your preferences.

We will give you all the inspiration, that you need, but the selection is all up to you – unless you can’t decide and wishes us to do it for you. Off course, we will do that!

We love cocktails and we are sure that all your guests, will notice this as well. There is a cocktail for everyones taste. The universe of cocktails is almost as wide as the range in the gastronomic world.

How does it work?

  • Custom-made cocktails,that will suit your party and theme. For an example, if you’re hosting a western themed party, it will be the obvious choice to design some delicious cocktails to match this theme. American Bourbon Whiskey will a suitable liquor to keep the western theme intact.
  • Name a few cocktails with names, that relates to you and your event. For an example it is also fun to name a cocktail after one of the guests. A classic Dark N’ Stormy, we can call; A Dark N’ Sexy Simon and etc.
  •  We will always pick some classic cocktails after your preferences and taste in flavours. If you, for an example, can’t do with out a special cocktail, off course we will get it on the menu for you – maybe a classic Mojito or a blended Strawberry Daiquiri.

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