Best Welcome Cocktails


  • How to make it? You build it. Meaning that you don’t have to use a shaker or a blender or other expensive bar tools. ?
  • Ingredients: 2 cl Peach Sirup or Peach Puré. Top with Champagne, Prosecco or Cava. Churn it a bit with a spoon to mix the peach with the champagne. Garnish with a fresh piece of Peach or a Sugar Rim on the glass.
  • Important: Remember to keep your champagne/cava/prosecco in the fridge before use.
  • Anything else you need? A lot of thirst guests! ?

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Kir Royal

Kir Royal
  • How to make it? This cocktail is also super easy. Exactly like Bellini it’s made without any crazy equipment. Nice and easy to make before your guests arrives! ????
  • Ingredients: 2 cl Creme de Cassis Sirup or Puré. Top with Champagne, Prosecco or Cava. Again like Bellini you  need to mix the Peach Pure or Peach Sirup together with the Champagne with a spoon. You do it because ou want the Peach taste to fill up the glass. Garnish with a blackcurrant or a blackberry.
  • Vigtig viden: Remember to keep your sparkling wine cooled down.
  • Andet du skal bruge? A thirsty guest who would love a fancy fruity summer cocktail. ?

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Pimms Cup

  • How to make it? Yes this one is build nice and easy as well. You probably know it from your local Bar. I’ll go through how to make it in a even more awesome way! Serve it glass by glass or serve it in a big punch bowl.
  • Ingredients in one cocktail: 4-5 cl Pimms, 8-10 mint leaves, 1-2 orange slices, 2 strawberries, 1 strip of cucumber. You put all of it in the glass. Then you fill the glass with ice cubes. At last but not least you top of with either Ginger Beer, Lemonade or Ginger Ale. You have probably been doing it with Lemonade. We actually recommend a mix of the mixers mentioned before. The ginger gives the Welcome Cocktail a spicy twist. You need to churn it around before serving to get the fruit mixed around. Remember to garnish with a mint sprig or a half passionfruit. The more fruity the better. ?+?+? = ??
  • Ingredients in a Punch Bowl: Pour 1 bottle of Pimms in the bowl, lots of mint leaves (2-4 hand full), strawberries, cucumber strips, orange slices and feel free to spice it up with whatever fruit you like (lemon, cherries, passionfruit etc.). Fill the bowl with ice cubes. And YES you need to fill it up with ice cubes. That way the cocktail with last longer. At last you top it up with nice mix of Ginger Beer, Lemonade or Ginger Ale. Remember to mix it all with a spoon.
  • Important: Our Welcome Cocktail Pimms Cup is known from UK and it’s a wellknown drink to street parties and in pubs. They even have made a time for drinking the beverage. It’s called “Pimms O’Clock“.
  • What else you need? A British accent, a clock and being able to yell  “PIMMS O’CLOCK!!” ?

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pimms cup 5

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