Cocktail Course Teambuilding

Want a little more than just a Cocktail? What about being Cocktail Bartender for a day?
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After a Cocktail Team Building Course with us, you can safely invite friends or colleagues home on a Friday night and serve them your own cocktails

  1. Become a bartender in one day

  2. Use it as Teambuilding

  3. Learn how to make delicious cocktails at home

  4. Get behind the bar and find your inner Tom Cruise

  5. Learn about alcohol-free cocktails and how to make them

  6. Taste and drink delicious cocktails along the way

  7. Experience, how it is to be a bartender

  8. Mix your own cocktail and give it a name

  9. Get an entertaining and fun-filled day with family, friends or colleagues

  10. Blind tasting, bartender team picture and lightning cocktails mixing can also be included

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how we do a cocktail course teambuilding

We prepare you and your guests to make the delicious cocktails all by yourselves. You will also get the opportunity to come behind the bar and mix the cocktails. You will get a lot of new knowledge about how you can serve delicious drinks, both the taste and the look. At the same time you will get a festive day together with your guests.

Start your Entertaining cocktail TeamBuilding party

There is no charge to receive an offer. You are not committed to hire us in any way. We welcome any kind of contact and hope that we could be in service!

why is this course

not just another teambuilding

We will take the lead and make sure that the entertainment is top notch. This is not just a boring course with the usual slide presentation. You will get quizzes, competition, course and a fun day. Cheers!



We strive to give you the experience to remember. You will learn how to make cocktails and serve them with style. No more boring courses and teambuilding events. Here you will get a different day filled with fun experiences and party atmosphere. Design your own cocktails and learn how to make the classics as Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Long Island Iced Tea. We give you the tools and try to turn you into a small Tom Cruise version.



Book our Cocktail Course Teambuilding to your Bachelor/Bachelorette party, Company party, Graduation Party or birthday. We will make sure that you get a great experience together with competitions and good humour behind the bar combined with a lot of fun. At the same time, you will learn to serve your cocktails in the most professional and cool way possible. In addition, you will also taste each other's cocktails, which always sets the mood among the people in the room.


For everyone

Our course is for everybody. Both young and old can get a really fun day out of this course. The very young, we will learn how to make non-alcoholic drinks that taste super good. While older people may want to learn how to make the best Irish Coffee. So we have something for everyone. We can easily create a course that is relevant and fun for a confirmation or a graduation party. At the same time, we can also make a teambuilding event for a large company or a 60th birthday. Regardless of the guest, then we have the party.


For office party

Are your company hosting a company party and could use some team building? Then our Cocktail Course is just the right solution. We create the best party atmosphere for you and your colleagues. You will learn the classic cocktails, make your own cocktails and taste your colleagues' cocktails as well. After a day like this, there will be a unity and a mood that is completely ready to party! There will be no awkward silences or similar to that. Cocktails beat it basically.


Your own Cocktail

Not only do you learn to know the classic cocktails. You will also get the ability to create your own personal cocktail. You can design a whole new cocktail and find a name. Perhaps it will be the new Strawberry Daiquiri? You can also name it after yourself or a friend. We tell you how to make your own custom-made cocktail, so it is innovative and tasty at the same time. Otherwise, it's only your imagination that sets the limits. We awaken just a little bit of Tom Cruise in you. In advance; Cheers!


For a day

We will learn you what it means to be a cocktail bartender nowadays. In our course, you will easily be able to invite your friends and family over for a cocktail party with yourself behind the bar. You learn at least, to make the classic cocktails like the Mojito and Daiquiri. You also get to know how to make your very own cocktail. You will therefore almost be a bartender for life with this course. Or you are at least prepared to take the step in that direction.

Our Cocktail Course is available from GBP39 per person.

Do you know anyone who is planning an event? Let us know and connect us with the person and we’ll give you both a giftcard of 50 GBP!

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