Long Island Iced Tea recipe
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Would you like to be drunk fast? Or do you just love the taste of cola? Then we are happy to present our Long Island Iced Tea recipe. The origins of the cocktail can be traced back to the 1970s. The bartender Robert Butt mixed the cocktail in a competition. The competition was to invent a new cocktail with triple sec..

Old Fashioned Recipe
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Do you like Old Fashioned? Or just Bourbon? Then we are happy to give you our Old Fashioned recipe. Old Fashioned was born back in the late 18th century. Some rumors goes that it was first created with rye whisky. It was just more popular back then..

Buckthorn gin fizz recipe
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Do you want a delicious and refreshing cocktail with gin? Here is exactly what you are looking for. A Gin Fizz recipe with buckthorn! The buckthorn has become quite popular in the recent years. Especially in the food industry in the Northern Europe. Some may consider buckthorn as a new buzz word in the modern catering..

3 delicious Christmas Cocktails
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Are you going to a Christmas party at the office you work or with some good friends? Then we recommend these 3 delicious cocktails! They are not that difficult to mix as long as you follow these recipes. If you think it's too difficult, you can of course always hire a Bartender! Here you'll find our recommendations for delicious Christmas cocktails. Use this cocktail guide for inspiration for your own Christmas cocktail party! Whatever kind of Christmas party you are planning, then we believe craft cocktails will make it better. We guarantee that these cocktails below will bring smile to peoples faces..

Cosmopolitan recipe
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Do you want the best recipe for a classic Cosmo? Then here is our Cosmopolitan recipe! Cosmopolitan got very popular through Sex and the City in the 90s, where Sarah Jessica Parker drinks it a lot. This beautiful feminine version of a martini is actually incredibly easy to make. Here you get our cocktail recipe so you can make it at home. You are not gonna use more than 4 ingredients..

Rum Sour
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Looking for delicious rum cocktails where you can actually taste the rum? Then you don't have to search anymore. Here we share our Rum Sour Cocktail Recipe. It's a really tasty cocktail. If you are a fan of good quality rum, then it's perfect for you..

Strawberry Daiquiri recipe
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Here we give you the classic Strawberry Daiquiri recipe. It doesn't involve any blender or any frozen strawberries. In spite of that, it's really tasty and quite easy to make at home. Here you'll get the full cocktail recipe and our guide on how to mix it..

Mocktail recipes
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Here we give you one of our delicious Mocktail recipes. It's super easy to make and quite tasty despite it being completely alcoholic-free. Mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks. This cocktail recipe is perfect for the pregnant, the children or the fitness freak..

Appletini Recipe
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How to make an Appletini cocktail? Here we share our Appletini recipe. It's a delicious classic cocktail with apple that you can order and enjoy worldwide. It's really fresh, full of flavour and rich in spirits. If balanced correctly then it tastes absolutely amazing..

How to make a Negroni cocktail
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How to make a Negroni cocktail? Here we share the classic cocktail recipe. It's one of the old classics and a drink that all bartenders would recommend. It's a bit bitter and a little strong on booze, but if balanced correctly then it tastes terrific. If you fancy gin then we recommend that you try Negroni as soon as possible..

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