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Cocktail recipes and history

We have a confession to make. We have a longstanding love affair with cocktails. Try these and they will rock your world too.

Piña Colada Recipe
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The cocktail was first mixed in the early 1800s. Pirate Roberto Cofresi created the cocktail. The pirates naturally had to have a glass of rum before going prey hunting. It made them all the more dumb..

Mai Tai Recipe
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Do you wish to have a fresh and summer friendly cocktail with rum, that isn't Mojito, well look no further for the recipe of the Mai Tai Mai tai is a cocktail dating back to the 1940's. It's a tropical cocktail, which originates from South America, legends says that the first person who tasted this cocktail bursted out ''Mai Tai'' Mai Tai means ''The best in the world'' in Tahitian. Here is our Cocktail Recipe and a guide. So you easily can make it in your kitchen for your next cocktail Party Do you love cocktails with rum? Or do you know someone who do? Share our Mai Tai with him / her ! Do you want to pour Mai Tai down your throat but you do not want to make it yourself? GET OFFER NOW There is no charge to receive an offer..

Whiskey Sour Recipe
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         Whiskey Sour is a good old classic. It originated from the United States, where it, in writing, dates back to the 1870s from the state of Wisconsin. The Whiskey Sour that we use today and the most popular is with egg whites. Originally, it is actually a Boston Sour..

Old Garden Recipe
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Old Garden is a classic cocktail from Denmark. Its first apperance was on the half island of Falster and thereby slowely spread beyond the great danish land The cocktail has unfortunally been forgotten by many. It's mostly in it's birthcounty of Lolland and Falster that you may find a couple of apperances We will change that! Therefore, we have balanced it better, so that it is not so sweet and artificial in the taste. Here are our cocktailrecipe and a guide, so you without hassle can make it in your kitchen for your next cocktailparty Do you love Old Garden? Or do you know a fan? Then just share the cocktail recipe! BOOK US FOR YOUR NEXT PARTY! ALSO LET US MAKE THE OLD GARDEN FOR YOU AND YOUR GUESTS! GET OFFER NOW There is no charge to receive an offer..

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