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5 reasons why Tequila is healthy!
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Here we share 5 reasons to why you need to drink more Tequila. Starting now. Sharing is caring! Let your friends know that from now on you'll only drink Tequila! BOOK AN EVENT WITH TEQUILA GET OFFER NOW There is no charge to receive an offer. You are not committed to hire us in any way..

Best cocktail bars London
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If you have been looking for a guide in Cocktail Bars London then look no further. Here we share our view of which bars to visit. Cheers! Prices:Most of the cocktail is between 10-14 £ Address:The Nightjar, 129 City Road, London, EC1V 1JB Opening hours:Sunday to Wednesday 6pm-1am Thursday 6pm-2am Friday and Saturday 6pm-3am Nightjar is known as one of the best Cocktail Bars in the world. It's a speakeasy bar which you'll find 2 mins walk from Old Street tube station..

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Here we tell you all about the lovely base spirit Gin. We share the history of the great spirit, some fun facts and then we let you know which cocktails you should make with it. Please let us know if there is any info which is not right or if something is unclear. We do listen to your feedback and will edit the article! Bottles we recommend in flavoured Cocktails and for people on a budget:  Tanqueray, Bulldog, Plymouth and Beefeater etc..

Our Spirit Guide
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This is our Spirit Guide. Here we will share all the info you need to know about your favourite spirits: If you also have been curious about where your Rum is from? What Pisco is based on? Or just some knowledge about that Tequila you are drinking every weekend? Then this guide is for you! We'll keep updating this guide so feel free to come back and check it out again. Please also get in touch if there is missing info or if you have any questions. Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More BOOK AN EVENT WITH THE BEST COCKTAILS GET OFFER NOW There is no charge to receive an offer..

My career advice and why I became a bartender

I watched this youtube video "What If Money Was No Object" by Alan Watts. If you haven't watched it already. Please go ahead and watch it. It's a great inspiration..

Just smile!

We should all smile some more. Period. Also us bartenders. How often do you smile? And do you do it enough? And does your bartender remember to smile? Many bartenders forget to smile..

Do you know anyone who is planning an event? Let us know and connect us with the person and we’ll give you both a giftcard of 50 GBP!

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