Espresso Martini

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☕️ Espresso Martini! ☕️

Here we give you the recipe for the classic and quite delicious Espresso Martini. It’s actually really simple to make, as you only need a few pretty basic ingredients.

We recommend Espresso Martini as an after dinner cocktail. It works great in addition to the coffee you normally serve after a lovely dinner. It also works really well as a starter at your cocktail party. The espresso combined with alcohol is just a match that will boost your energy and your mood in minutes. Cheers for that! 💃🏽🕺🏽

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Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe

The Cocktail Recipe for Espresso Martini:


  • 3 cl. Vodka (We recommend Sobieski) 🍸
  • 2 cl Coffee Liquor (We recommend Araku) ☕️
  • 5 cl Espresso (Alternatively use strong coffee) ☕️
  • 1 cl Gomme (1 part boiling water + 1.5 part fine sugar = Sugar Syrup!) 🍯
  • Chocolate flakes or coffee beans! 🍫
  • Cocktail Martini glasses 🍸
  • Cocktail Shaker (Alternatively a Fitness Shaker) ⚱️
  • Jigger ⚖️
  • Ice cubes ❄️
  • Double Strainer and a Strainer (Or alternatively any tool your can use for straining) 🗑

How to make it:

  1. Find your Cocktail Shaker and all the ingredients! Pour Vodka, Araku and sugar syrup into your cocktail shaker. Remember you can always adjust the cocktail later, so if pour 0.5 cl too much of one of the ingredients then don’t throw out the entire content. Just adjust it later.
  2. Now pour 5 cl Espresso in your cocktail shaker. Here we recommend good espresso. Warm as cold. If it’s hot, just shake the cocktail for a little longer. If you don’t have espresso, strong coffee is also an option. However good espresso will give you the best result. Please don’t forget to make the coffee too thin as you shake it. If it’s thin then it becomes quite boring since it will get even thinner when you shake it.
  3. Now fill your cocktail shaker with lots of ice cubes.
  4. Next is shaking! It’s important that you shake it hard. We want foam on top of our cocktail. That you’ll achieve by using plenty of ice cubes in the shaker and give it a hard shake.
  5. Now pour your espresso martini in your martini cocktail glasses.
  6. Garnish with coffee beans or chocolate flakes.
  7. Serve and toast with your guests! 💃🏽🕺🏽

Advice from us:

  • Cool off your Cocktail Martini Glasses before use. It will make a difference to the overall taste experience.
  • You can twist your cocktail with other spirits. We recommend that you try the cocktail with a delicious dark room or a great tequila.
  • You can also twist the classic with different syrups/liqueurs in. We recommend that you try a twist with cinnamon, licorice or orange. You get another taste experience and a new flavour. It’s a new cocktail. However, we will not advise you to add berry syrups or any juices. The chance of success is minimal.


Espresso Martini first appeared in 1984 when the bartender legend Dick Bradsell mixed it in London. There is several stories about how it was precisely invented. One goes that one day a nice model came in to Dick Bradsell’s bar Brasserie Soho. When Dick asked what she wanted, she replied: “I want something that can wake me up and then fuck me up!”. When Dick stood right next to the coffee machine, he of course decided to go for that. Vodka was crazy popular at the time, so it was a clear winner as the base spirit. He therefore mixed the first version of the classic coffee cocktail.

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Cheers! 🍸

Here you can check out how we make it!

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