Christmas Cocktails

🍸🎅🏼 Christmas Cocktails 🎅🏼🍸

Are you going to a Christmas party at the office you work or with some good friends? Then we recommend these 3 delicious cocktails!

They are not that difficult to mix as long as you follow these recipes.

If you think it’s too difficult, you can of course always hire a Bartender!

Here you’ll find our recommendations for delicious Christmas cocktails. Use this cocktail guide for inspiration for your own Christmas cocktail party!

Whatever kind of Christmas party you are planning, then we believe craft cocktails will make it better. We guarantee that these cocktails below will bring smile to peoples faces. 💃🏽🕺🏽

Cheers! 🍷🍹🍸

Do you want cocktails for your Christmas Party? But you don’t wanna mix it yourself?

Here is our recommendations for Christmas Cocktails:

🌰 Amaretto Sour 🌰

Amaretto Sour Foam - Julefrokost Cocktails - Julefrokost ideer - Firmafest - Drinks

What do you need?

  • Amaretto 🌰
  • Sugar Syrup (1 part sugar and 1 part boiling water. Mix it.) 🍯
  • Lemons (1/2 lemon per Cocktail). 🍋
  • Egg-white 🥚
  • Jigger ⚖️
  • Glassware 🥃
  • Ice cubes ❄️
  • Cocktail Shaker ⚱️


  1. Make sure you got everything above!
  2. Start by pouring 4-5 cl Amaretto in your cocktail shaker.
  3. Now pour 2 cl Sugar Syrup in your shaker.
  4. Squeeze half a lemon (around 3 cl) into your shaker.
  5. Next put 1 Egg White into you Cocktail Shaker. It’s important that you don’t put any egg shells or yolk in the mix.
  6. Close your cocktail shaker properly.
  7. Shake it off without ice cubes. This is called a dry shake. We do it to make the egg white foamy and to give the cocktail the right consistency.
  8. Now you fill your cocktail shaker with ice. Close it again. Shake it once again with ice cubes. Stop the shake when you fill the shaker is all chilled down.
  9. Open the cocktail shaker by giving the tin a small clap.
  10. Strain the cocktail with a strainer or a double strainer.
  11. Garnish with cinnamon, nutmeg or lemon peel.
  12. Serve for your guests, smile and toast!

🥃 Rum Old Fashioned 🥃

Rom Sour Cocktail Opskrift - Julefrokost Drinks - Julefrokost Cocktails - Cocktails til Julefrokost - Underholdning til Julefrokost

What do you need?

  • Great good quality Rum 🥃
  • 1 bar spoon of cane sugar or 1 sugar cube 🍯
  • Angostura Bitter 🍾
  • Orange Bitter 🍾
  • Appelsinskal 🍊
  • Jigger ⚖️
  • Bar spoon 🥄
  • Glassware 🥃
  • Ice cubes ❄️


  1. Make sure you got all the above ingredients and equipment.
  2. Start by adding 1 teaspoon of cane sugar or a sugar batter into your cocktail glass.
  3. Now pour 2 dash Angostura Bitter and 2 dash Orange Bitter into your cocktail glass.
  4. Put 1-2 orange peels into your glass.
  5. Stir the whole mass (orange peel, sugar and bitter) around with a spoon so it will mix good together.
  6. Put 5 large ice cubes (or a one giant ice ball) in your glass.
  7. Then pour 3 cl of great dark rum over the ice in your glass.
  8. Stir carefully so that the ice cools down the cocktail and don’t dilute the rum too much.
  9. Put more ice cubes into your glass.
  10. Now pour 3 cl of rum more into your glass.
  11. Stir again.
  12. Taste if it’s too strong? Stir it for a long time. Is it too diluted? Put more rum in.
  13. When it’s perfect. Then you just need to garnish it. Do that with a nice orange peel.
  14. Serve, smile and toast!

Do you want delicious Cocktails for your event served from a Professional Bartender?

🍹 Dark and Stormy 🍹

What do you need?

  • Goslings Black Seal rum 🥃
  • Lime 🍈
  • Angostura Bitter 🍾
  • Jigger ⚖️
  • Glassware 🍹
  • Ice cubes ❄️
  • Ginger Beer 🍺

Share our recipes with your colleague, friend or family. Why you might think? Well maybe they will make it for you. 😃👍🏽

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