Plan your Event

If you have the guest, then we have the party!
How do we plan your event?

Here is an example of event planing process

  • 1

    Fill out our event form or send us a email about your event. If you have some details in place already let us know.

  • 2

    We will get back to you as soon as possible with ideas and thoughts for a complete package, that will match your event.

  • 3
    time and place

    Then we will set the time and place, if necessary – also a cocktailmenu. It is possible to change this later.

  • 4

    The day has arrived for your event! We will attend with good spirit and we will be mixing the best cocktails for you and your guests.

Pay via invoice

No cash needed

We will send you an invoice after your event, which means that you don’t have to worry about bringing cash to your event. We will take care of everything payment-related online afterwards. We will accept cash if that is in your interest.

Enjoy Unforgettable experience full of delicious cocktails

There is no charge to receive an offer. You are not committed to hire us in any way. We welcome any kind of contact and hope that we could be in service!

our work

What will we bring to your party?

We’re not just an average staff. We will bring the entertainment of the highest class for your party. We will bring a good atmosphere, confidence and charm and together we will make sure you get the event you dream of. We can offer the right event package, that will suit your party.

  1. Good spirit and loads of it. Smiles are for free and will only make the world a better place!
  2. Cocktails by your wishes; American Classic cocktail, Rocktails (Alcohol-Free Cocktails), Cocktails with a twist of well-known ingredients or cocktails by your own design. We will mix cocktails, that will match your event and guests. Perhaps the event has a special theme as Halloween or an 80’s party? We will make something that matches! In the end: We will bring what you prefer and appreciates.
  3. Loads of fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juice, that matches the selection of cocktails.
  4. Clothing, that matches your event and wishes. If your event has a theme or you have some thoughts about, how the cocktail bar should look like, we are open to that. We wish to make your event as unique as possible, so you will have a memory for life.
what we need

What is your responsibility?

We need just a few basic things from you.

  1. A dishwasher, who is ready to be used
  2. Glasses for the guests
  3. That your guests are thirsty and are ready to drink great cocktails
Do you know anyone who is planning an event? Let us know and connect us with the person and we’ll give you both a giftcard of 50 GBP!

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