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GetBartender.com is your way to a successful and entertaining party.
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We like what we do.

We are a cocktail catering company who would like to get on quality cocktails with a good mood. We place great emphasis on the experience and entertainment that a Bartender can contribute to on a festive occasion.

We travel with either a full cocktail bar where we have ALT with or as a tanned bartender where you buy. We have experience with all types of events. From weddings, company parties, birthdays, events, etc.

GetBartender.com is your way to a successful and entertaining party. We know how a bar should be screwed together, at the same time we have a lot of competent partners who can stand for some of the other important aspects.

Contact us and get a non-binding and courageous offer on our service. If you have the guest, then we have a party!


There is no charge to receive an offer. You are not committed to hire us in any way. We welcome any kind of contact and hope that we could be in service!

What you can expect

Our terms and conditions

When you trade with GetBartender.com, the following applies:

  1. We charge a fee of 200 $ upon cancellation.
  2. We charge a 50% fee upon cancellation 1 month before. This is because we book our bartenders and spend a lot of time on coordination long before your party.
  3. We charge a fee of 75% upon cancellation 14 days before, as we are very close to and have arranged the most.
  4. In our high season, we charge a 75% cancellation fee as we say no to a sea of other customers due to your order.
  5. Before the event: We will arrive by appointment no later than 30-45 minutes before the start. If you do not hear about time, you can count on this.
  6. By arrangement: We will always pick up the Monday after the end of the event unless otherwise agreed. It is your responsibility if this is a problem.
  7. Amount of guests: If there are adjustments on the number of guests the day before or on the day, the agreed price is maintained as we have ordered for this amount. If you want to change it, it must take 7 days before the event.
  8. It is important that the price of the event has a minimum. If you are 50 guests and have received an envelope price of 250 kr., And you announce that you only get 40, you can not count on being able to deduct 2500 kr. From. There is a minimum price for our trip. However, you can count on a price reduction. However, this will only happen with 5+ offsets.
  9. We usually have ALL glasses for the event if you have ordered a full package or have rented them from us. If someone breaks out during the evening, it will be invoiced at the purchase price. The first 2 glasses we cover, but all the glasses are additionally billed.
  10. We are 1 bartender per 25th guest. This is our normal procedure. However, we still show up 2 guys if the party is 40 guests and at 100 we will be 3 guys. Meaning that there are exceptions to our rule.
Do you know anyone who is planning an event? Let us know and connect us with the person and we’ll give you both a giftcard of 50 GBP! contact@getbartender.com

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