10 reasons why men should drink more cocktails

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Over the next couple of days, we will give you 10 reasons on why you as a man should drink more cocktails. We will start with the very simple reasons and then dig into the more complicated reasons later. Why are we doing it? Because cocktails are not only for the ladies, they are also for men and through these ten articles, we will prove just that.

Why men should drink more cocktails?

  1. The girls love cocktails and cocktail bars

    They love the taste and the atmosphere around a craft cocktail. They prefer the sweet and easy drinking cocktails like a Passionfruit Martini or a Daiquiri.

    Why is that important to know as a man?

    Well, now you know what the girls like and where they are hiding each night. If you don't want to stay single for the rest of the life then try swing by a cocktail bar every once in a while. You might not have to stay up all night to get lucky like Daft Punk. Cheers for that!

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