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Why should you choose us?

  • Worldwide event management bureau: Our handcrafted cocktail catering segment is available worldwide. From New York to Copenhagen, From London to Hong Kong. We are there!
  • Professional and qualified bartenders: All of our bartenders are acknowledged professionals. Their extensive knowledge in mixology and entertainment business comes from specific education and years of experience, working in some of the worlds best bars.
  • Great positive vibe and passion: We have successfully followed our passion in creating handcrafted cocktails – passion, that we want to share with you! We believe that you and your guests would get the same feeling while surrounded by our passionate and motivated bartenders.
  • Communication on top: We are always putting customer needs as a top priority – straight from the first contact. We will do our very best to make you feel comfortable in coordinating all experiences that may occur!
  • Outstanding party entertainment: In-depth and specific insight in an  entertainment market makes us stand out and give the best product available to you. We do it with passion and style. Our handcrafted cocktails form an experience that will not be forgotten quick. We are not just making cocktails. We create experiences. Cheers!


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Why should you get in touch?

  • Free! There is no charge to receive an offer. You are not committed to hire us in any way. We welcome any kind of contact and hope that we could be in service!
  • Passion! We are a passionate about helping you to arrange an event of your most importance! You will feel that passion in the way we communicate and execute. No matter if it’s on mail, phone or in a direct meeting.
  • Unique! We believe all events are very different. We get back to you with a personal offer that matches your event. We are positive that all events are unique and should be treated that way!

What We Do


Info in short:

We present a bartender hire package. It includes our bartender for a night, together with necessary bar equipment and homemade syrup. We assist in making a precise shopping list to reflect your cocktail card wishes and budget. Your cocktail card is made by our graphic designer in a way you want it – you get to choose your favorite cocktails, design, styling and even think of funny nicknames to fit your party theme. Our professionals are always up for giving you an advice on whatever you feel like you are struggling with. Bartender hire is our low-cost option to go for. Here you can keep your budget tight, since you will be able to manage expenses yourself. All of our bartenders are qualified and experienced professionals with numerous years in an industry

Our bartender hire option starts at 29 GBP per hour.

Mobile Bar

Info in short:

Here we have a mobile cocktail bar package option. It includes every detail needed for a great cocktail party entertainment. There are only few things you need to do – provide us with your favorite cocktails and choose between three cocktail bar categories. We are in charge of providing all spirits, beverages and appliances needed for a fully functioning cocktail bar. Since it is a full package, you are avoiding all the trouble of purchasing and setting up by yourself. We strongly recommend that such responsibility is left for us – not only we can access products which are sometimes hard to find, but we spend numerous hours in preparation for your event. We are only working with quality products that are carefully selected each time – starting from acknowledged vodka, gin and rum brands to world famous liquors.

Our full mobile cocktail bar option starts from 39 GBP per person.

Info in short:

We present our full event package for your party. You set the requirements – we do the job. Our event management team is ready to provide you with qualified DJ’s, beautiful venues, waiters, hostesses, chefs and other event production parts. Our slogan stands at: “If you have the guest, we will get the rest”. It is within company values to provide and guarantee the best available service you can get. We are very passionate about handcrafted cocktails, it is where we hold our passion and maintain biggest focus. However, our professional event producers and coordinators are able to assist with arranging a celebration of your lifetime. You just got to say “Hello” to us and we will assist you in any matter.

Cocktail Kursus - Cocktail Kurser - Underholdning til fest - Teambuilding event - Cocktail kursus til firma - Sjov til firma - Sjov til fest

Info in short:

Become a bartender for a day! We love to teach and give our knowledge to someone else. Here we give you the tools to mix your own cocktails. After a one day course with us you will easily be able to make the best Mojito’s in your kitchen. Our Cocktail Course works brilliant as Teambuilding for your company, as a kickstarter for a bachelor party or just as a fun get together for you and your friends. We have made it for all kind of different people. From companies who want to get a little extra on a Friday to bars that want to learn more about cocktails, flair and mixology. We can do it as party entertainment or with a greater focus on the cocktails. The course is available from 39 GBP per person. Contact us for a specific offer!

Organic or Non-Alcoholic Bar

Info in short:

You want a different cocktail setup? Try our alternative Mobile Cocktail Bars. We bring everything needed for a great Cocktail Bar. However, there is an important twist. Either it’s 100% Organic or 100% Non-alcoholic. It can also be both, if desired. If you want to make more out of your green profile then the eco-friendly cocktail bar is the right solution. If you want a awesome party atmosphere but don’t want a lot of drunk guests, then the alcohol-free cocktail bar probably is the ideal choice. We call our Organic or Alcoholic free Cocktails for Rocktails. Why? Because even though it’s healthy it’s served with Rock N’ Roll. Healthy is Rock N’ Roll. Awesome Green Party Entertainment for your event. Available from 39 GBP per. person.

Tasting Seminars

Info in short:

We make Bourbon, Scotch, Rum, Tequila and Gin tastings. We bring everything needed to your place for a great tasting. We will not only go into the spirit we will also dig into the cocktails made with the chosen spirit. You will get to taste a lot of quality products, learn about the history and get to mix cocktails with the chosen spirit. We taste some of the best products in the selected category. In addition, there will be competitions and a lot of interesting history. Great alternative party entertainment for you and your colleagues or friends. Available from 39 GBP per person. Company References:

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