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If you invite the guest, we'll do the rest!


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If you invite the guest, we'll do the rest!


Get Bartender

If you invite the guest, we'll do the rest!


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Why choose us?

  • Worldwide event management bureau: Our handcrafted cocktail catering segment is available worldwide. From New York to Copenhagen, From London to Hong Kong. We are there!
  • Professional and qualified bartenders: All of our bartenders are acknowledged professionals. Their extensive knowledge in mixology and entertainment business comes from specific education and years of experience, working in some of the worlds best bars.
  • Great positive vibe and passion: We have successfully followed our passion in creating handcrafted cocktails – passion, that we want to share with you! We believe that you and your guests would get the same feeling while surrounded by our passionate and motivated bartenders.
  • Communication on top: We are always putting customer needs as a top priority – straight from the first contact. We will do our very best to make you feel comfortable in coordinating all experiences that may occur!
  • Outstanding party entertainment: In-depth and specific insight in an  entertainment market makes us stand out and give the best product available to you. We do it with passion and style. Our handcrafted cocktails form an experience that will not be forgotten quick. We are not just making cocktails. We create experiences. Cheers!
  • The best cocktail service! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Trustpilot, Youtube og Google. That should tell you all about us.
  • We will tailor a package for you! We listen to your dreams and needs. We make sure you get exactly the experience you want.
  • The great experience! We are really experienced in creating high end events. We’ll bring the good vibes, the party atmosphere and make sure all your guests are highly entertained.
  • It’s all about trust! We got you covered no matter your event. We have arranged events for companies such as: Airbnb, Dell, PWC, McDonalds etc. We also got lots of weddings, birthdays, VIP events, cocktail parties on our CV.  Now tell us about what you’ve in mind!

What we do:

Watch what we can do and let us tell you why we should be invited to your party. Whether you are 5 or 10.000 guests, we can help. We have done all types of events. We also got you covered if you are looking for a one stop solution (food, music, venue, etc.).

Our References:

Here is an excerpt from our company references. We also do lots of private events. Finally check out our Trustpilot for many more reviews from both private and corporate.

Our Bartenders:

Here’s some pics of our cool bartenders. We are worldwide and can help you no matter where you are. Everyone is 100% professional in their action and knows how to mix a really good cocktail. Do you want to rent one or more of us? So get a festive offer right here:

Our Cocktails:

Here you can see some of our cocktails. We can make all kinds of cocktails. The old classics like Daiquiri, Manhattan and Martini. The modern ones like the Bramble, Espresso Martini and Dark N’ Stormy. The forgotten ones like The Last Word or White Negroni. We can do them all. Want a quote for your cocktail party? Get it right here:

Here is our services:

Hire a Bartender

What you get:

Here we come and mix with what you have purchased. Our bartender hire is the cheapest option. If you are under a budget but still want a great party, then this can be the solution for you. You get all this:

  • One or more of our professional and really cool bartenders.
  • We bring all the bar equipment with us (cocktail shaker, muddler, measuring cups, pouring spouts, stirrer, blenders etc.).
  • You get a shopping list, so are made from the cocktails you want.
  • You get help with shopping if there is something that you cannot obtain. It could be mint, angostura bitter or ice cubes.
  • We make a specially designed cocktail menu for you. It is our graphic artist who does this. It is possible to get pictures, logo or otherwise personalize it.
  • We bring our homemade sugar syrup, so you should not stand and do this.

Lej en Cocktail bar

What you get:

Here we bring everything you need. It’s a Mobile Cocktail Bar that we bring to your party. You avoid all the hassle of purchasing and setup. You get cocktails ad libitum in the number of hours you choose. We always recommend that we stand for everything, as we know what exactly is. You get:

  • One or more of our professional and quite cool bartenders. for some table.
  • We have great crystal glasses with us. We bring minimum 3 glasses with us pr. guest. That makes sure we don’t have to wash them more than once during the evening.
  • All of our products are great quality. This applies to both spirits, fruit and everything else. (Everything from Monkey 47 gin and 15 years room to organic fruits. It all depends on the final package.

Event Package

What you get:

We are a modern event bureau and can make an event package solution for you. Whatever you want, we can do it. We have cooperation agreements with DJ’s, banqueting rooms, waiters, catering etc. If you have the guest, then we have the party!

  • You get a customized package based on your wishes and needs. We can help with the whole party or just help you with the bar (cocktails, draft beer, wine). A popular mix is DJ and bar. The combinations are endless though. It’s all about what dreams you have for your event. We will adapt.
  • We can deliver for you no matter how many you are. We have previously delivered event solutions to larger corporates such as Zendesk, Dell, Special Minds, Sahva and others.
  • We also got you covered if it’s a private event. Contact us and tell us all about your party. Then we might be able to help you. If we end up in an agreement, then we will make your dream come true. 

Cocktail Kursus

What you get:

Try the funniest form of team building with our Cocktail Teambuilding. You’ll get cocktails, entertainment, teambuilding and an experience in one and the same package. We love to teaching and pass on our knowledge. Here we give you the tools to be able to mix your own cocktails. You will learn it all together with your friends / colleagues.

  • Have a fun and festive experience with our cocktail teambuilding.
  • You will mix cocktails together in small teams. You have to help each other in order to make the cocktails.
  • The cocktails you’ll make in the teams you drink.
  • It’s up to you to decide which cocktails you want to learn. Mojito, Cosmopolitan, White Russian or Bramble, Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned. It’s your choice!
  • Use our cocktail teambuilding to shake you together as a team or use it to get a different festive experience together. This package works perfectly as a start to a festive evening. We can do it inhouse or find a venue and include that in the package. 

Cocktail Pakker

Det får du:

Vil du hellere selv være bartenderen til din fest? Eller har du nogle venner, som vil hjælpe dig? Så vil vi stadig gerne hjælpe dig. Vi har nemlig udviklet flere rigtig lækre cocktail pakker, så du nemt kan lave dine favorit cocktails uden at skulle handle otte forskellige steder.

  • Køb vores cocktail pakker og få alt med til dine yndlings cocktails. Mojito, Dark N’ Stormy, Gin og Tonic, Passion Martini osv. Du kan købe alt dertil gennem os. Endda isen og frugten.
  • Vi hjælper dig også gerne med at lave dine cocktails. Vi har nemlig lavet masser af cocktail videoer og skrevet cocktail opskrifter, som går igennem alle vores cocktail pakker. Og ellers kan du altid ringe til os og få tips og tricks.
  • Du kan også købe det gængse bar udstyr hos os, så du let kan lave alle verdens cocktails. Tjek vores blog med cocktail opskrifter og sig endelig til, hvis du mangler yderligere hjælp.
  • Vi leverer dem i hele Danmark og du er naturligvis også velkommen til at kigge forbi vores lokaler. Adresserne er Amager Landevej 147 B i København og Gunnar Clausens Vej 68 i Århus.


Det får du:

Vi har sammensat en helt speciel pakke til jeres fredagsbar. Den fungerer perfekt til fredagsbaren i firmaet, kontorfællesskabet, studiet eller bare en masse venner samlet. Tanken er, at vi kommer forbi jer og stiller gratis en lækker prisvenlig betalingsbar op. I skal bare invitere alle gæsterne.

  • Vi kommer med alt til baren (mobil bar, bartendere, spiritus, isterninger, mixers osv.), så i ikke skal stå for noget som helst. Vi kan også sørge for DJ, tapas, fadøl og vin, såfremt det ønskes. Det er dog ekstra tilvalg.
  • Hvis i ikke har en fredagsbar, så lad os da skabe en sammen. En vellykket fredagsbar kan være med til at skabe et meget stærkere sammenhold i firmaet, på studiet eller blandt vennerne. Det er her, at man får et dannet en bånd, som er mere end bare de daglige opgaver.
  • Vi er altid med på at skabe en fest, så skriv endelig til os, også finder vi den rigtige model for jer. Det kan være med betalingsbar, i en fri bar eller et sted midt i mellem.

Watch how we work:

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